Yoga Retreat

Yogadhara, one of the best yoga centre in Dehradun offers 5 – 14 days yoga retreat. This retreat is all about detoxing your body and your mind with the help from a team of experienced and best yoga teachers here who will all work with you to help achieve optimum results during your stay, leaving feeling lighter in body, mind & spirit.

The yoga classes at Yogadhara are mindful, energetic and balancing in nature with lots of time to really focusing on the alignment and correction of the postures. This yoga retreat will leave you deeply relaxed with a deeper understanding of your practices.

The yoga retreat comprises of Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, and Mantra chanting. No yoga experience is needed for joining the retreat of 5 – 14 days.

 Everyone can join it.Yogadhara provides customized packages as well under individual, family and group sections.

Yoga The Art of Transformation

Everybody can achive it!

Yoga Asana



Chanting Mantra

Chanting Mantras

Yoga retreat at Yogadhara takes you away from real life, and the stressors that go with it. One will be able to deepen his relaxation and will experience bliss. It will offer a transformation in you. One will feel a shift occur in his life whether one will get clarity on what one wants to manifest in his life or one will have a breakthrough about how fear is holding him back. It will be a practical experience using the chakras, pranic pathways, breathing practices, sound vibrations, psychic gestures and energy locks to unfold the subtle layers of one’s own being in the yoga retreat.

Being a part of yoga retreat at Yogadhara is a part of transformation and exploration of yourself. If one needs to press the “restart” button in his life, this is what will help him do it. It invites you to nourish yourself deeply with a beautiful flow of practices from the traditions of yoga and conscious movement.


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