Yoga Retreat in India


The yoga retreat is all about detoxing a person’s body and mind with the help from a team of experienced and best yoga teachers who will all work with the people to help achieve optimum results during their stay, leaving feeling lighter in body, mind & spirit.

Yogadhara wellness, one of the best yoga centre in Dehradun offers 3 – 14 days yoga retreat in the serene environment of Dehradun. This yoga retreat at Yogadhara wellness will leave a person deeply relaxed with a deeper understanding of their practices. No yoga experience is needed for joining the retreat of 3 – 14 days.

Yoga retreat at one of the best yoga school in Dehradun, that is, Yogadhara wellness, takes a person away from his real life and makes his mind calm and stressfree. One will be able to deepen his relaxation and will experience bliss at Yogadhara wellness and offers a transformation in a person. Participating at yoga retreat at Yogadhara wellness in Dehradun will be a practical experience for a person using the chakras, pranic pathways, breathing practices, sound vibrations, psychic gestures and energy locks to unfold the subtle layers of one’s own being.

Being a part of yoga retreat at Yogadhara wellness is a part of transformation and exploration of yourself. If one needs to restart his life again with positiveness and a calm mind while learning the aspects of self management, this is what will help him do it. Yoga retreat at Yogadhara wellness invites you to nourish yourself deeply with a beautiful flow of practices from the traditions of yoga and conscious movement.

Regular visits to various temples and monasteries are also included in yoga retreat so that one can experience spirituality. This yoga retreat can help a person to improve their posture, strength, tone up your muscles, increase confidence, flexibility, reduce stress, make you feel happier and many more.