Yoga Nidra Guided meditation for deep relaxation


It is an ancient yogic practice which is becoming increasingly popular as both a form of meditation and a mind – body therapy. Yoga nidra is a systematic form of complete relaxation and stress relief that promises the equivalent of two hours of deep sleep in a 30 minutes practice.

It allows the body to deeply relax while the mind stays inwardly alert, thus also known by the name of “ dynamic sleep. “ Yoga nidra is very suitable for beginners and easy to perform.


Yoga Nidra technique is one of the most effective relaxation method and technique, not only preparing our mind for a disciplined yoga practice. It has immense benefits. Some of them are :

➢ It improves sleep and reduce insomnia.

➢ It creates more space in our mind, opens a window into our soul and provides an opportunity to learn about ourselves through a reflective and restful experience.

➢ It works on the inner harmony within ourselves and enhances our abilities and

experiences as we move forward in our life.

➢ It is a complete rejuvenation package and reduces anxiety.

➢ Yoga nidra enhances memory and learning practices, awakens creativity and manages psychological disorders.


To induce yoga nidra, one must perform a set of instructions that is similar to guided meditation.

The following yoga nidra steps show that how yoga nidra can be done easily even by beginners.

➢ Create a relaxing space and make your body suitably prepared for that.

➢ Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, emphasizing exhalation.

➢ Starting with your right side, rotate your awareness through all parts in succession and then on left side.

➢ Be aware of your body as a whole and then slowly open your eyes Thus, yoga nidra is well known for complete relaxation and stress relief. It is the best relaxation method and uses savasana yoga pose for that. Yoga Nidra guided meditation instantly recharges and brings an incredible quietness and clarity within a person. Yoga nidra techniques are helpful in fighting against various diseases, especially those brought upon by anxiety.