Why Yogadhara Wellness


Yogadhara Wellness’ literally means the “land of Yoga”.  It is funny because I never understood the meaning when I began this 200 hours Teacher training course. My only aim was to get some practical insight into what is yoga and what are the various aspects of yog.

Also, getting a 200 hour Teacher Training Course Certificate was something I had in mind. During the first few days my routine was absorbed in asanas, pranayama and everything related to Yog. I almost forgot what notions and ideas I had about the much hyped Yoga.

What I was being taught by my Guru (Teacher) was not YOGA but the authentic practices of YOG. That Yog which is pure and untarnished.  That Yoga which our great Sages and Saints (Rishis) taught.  That Yog which is the ultimate way of life. 

Few experiences cannot be expressed through mere words. Words are just not enough to describe the transformation I went through during this time.  The concept of a Gurukul (Guru meaning teacher and Kula meaning family) took full roots during this period.

I felt like having found a new family at Yogadhara Wellness with my Teachers always there show me the correct path.  The word Guru truly means the one who shows light through the darkness. When our life is clouded with doubts and confusions just like the great Archer Arjun felt before the great war of Mahabharata. We all need a Guru (Teacher) who can guide us just like Lord Sri Krishna was there for Arjuna.  There is a general notion that a good teacher is also strict with his pupils. It was the same with my Teachers at Yogadhara Wellness. But it was their philosophy and belief that helped me sustain all difficulties. The journey which initially appeared to be a mere Yoga course turned out to be a turning point in my life.  After the initial three weeks my entire way of looking at life changed. I truly felt like I’m witnessing the world from an elevated platform.

When we talk or speculate about Yoga with our limited knowledge we think that many things are fictitious. Yog is just about a few asanas or maybe some pranayama practices. All other aspects of Yog like meditation and its magical effects are often ignored. While I went through this amazing journey my Teachers they made me realize that Yog is much beyond what our limited senses can perceive. It is an ancient Tradition which has the capacity to bring out changes from inside out. Over the years Yog had degraded at the hands of those who do not have right knowledge. Nevertheless where there is darkness, there is also light. One has only to be patient and wait for the Sun to rise. I’m fortunate to have found such Teachers at Yogadhara who have taught me the true meaning of Yog.

Today Yoga has become an inseparable part of my life only due to this TTC program I did at Yogadhara Wellness…..