SUN SALUTATION (suryanamaskara)




Sūryanamaskāra or Sun salutation is a popular addition in the range of techniques we encounter in many varieties of dynamic contemporary yoga.

By practicing sun salutation we learn to expand our awareness of the body and the energies whirling in it. We train ourselves to distribute, purify and intensify these energies, whether it is the life force energy or the symbolic energies of the chakras.   It combines 12 different asana (postures) that give complete physical work out; it helps to strengthen the body, tones the muscle, and improves flexibility.  It has proved to be useful for many people and could well be a modern tool to pass on the ideas and aims of yoga.

Here is brief description with the pictures, how to perform this beautiful series.

One set of Sun salutation involves one round from the right side and one from other side. In the beginning one can start from 4 rounds (8 repetitions) of sun salutation and gradually can increase the repetition up to 12 rounds

  1. Stand upright with the feet together. Join the palms in front of the chest.
  2. Inhale -Stretch and raise your arms over the head and bend backward.
  3. Exhale- Fold forward over the legs, reach your hands to your ankles.
  4. Inhale – step your right leg back hands either side of the front foot on the floor.
  5. Exhale- step left foot back come to plank position.
  6. Normal breath – Drop your chin chest and knees to the floor. Keep your buttocks off the ground.
  7. Inhale – Arch your back and bend backwards.
  8. Exhale – lift your buttocks up towards the ceiling pushing your torso against your legs.
  9. Inhale – step your right foot forward between your hands. Keep your left leg straight and stretched.
  10. Exhale – step left foot forward, bend forward over the legs.
  11. Inhale – raise and stretch you arms along with your torso, band backward.
  12. Exhale – come to Samasthiti.

12 Steps to Learn Surya Namskara

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