Therapeutic Deep Relaxation

Shavasana also known as corpse pose– generally comes at the end of the asana class to allow your body and mind to relax fully. The deep relaxing aspect of shavasana is known to be therapeutic for many diseases as it relaxes your nerves system and calms your mind. It helps to relieve stress, relax your body, reduce insomnia, help to improve your sleep, reduce headache and day to day fatigue.

Following are the steps to perform shavasana;

  • For shavasana Lie down on you back on the mat or bed or lie on the bolster with a folded blanket underneath your head as a pillow.
  • Stretch your legs in front and separate them to the comfortable distance around one and half feet.
  • Move your arms little away from the body close your eyes. Loosen your whole body completely.
  • Imagine your whole body in a very comfortable pose. Start visualizing your whole right side of the body from fingertips down to your toes (Right hands finger, wrist, elbow, right armpit, hip, right thigh, ankle, toes of the right foot) and relax them.
  • Repeat the same process to your left side.
  • Draw awareness to the back of your body (Buttocks, back, right shoulder blade, left shoulder blade, and spine) relax them.
  • Become aware of the front part of the body (Chest, abdomen, and pelvic ) relax them.

To deepen the felling of relaxation you can repeat the process 2 or 3 times more.

  • Now mentally repeat “My whole body is relaxed – my whole body is relaxed”.
  • Now shift your awareness or mind to your spontaneous breath flow, do not change the pattern. Follow it for some time (02-03 minutes).
  • Bring awareness to the body and start moving your fingers and toes slowly, stretch your arms, turn to your left and slowly sit upright.

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