Virtual Yoga Studio Why Online Yoga


With the world shifting more and more into the digital realm, it was only a matter of time before yoga took the plunge also. Transporting an age-old practice into an online space may leave a person wondering whether the authenticity and spirit is lost. Yet yoga practitioners are eagerly swapping their yoga studio memberships for the digital version. One such example is YOGADHARA which has come up with a platform to make yoga accessible for the people who are at their home currently.

Nowadays, due to the pandemic of Corona virus, everyone has to stay at home. As such, they are unable to go to gym and do their workouts. For the solution of this problem, YOGADHARA has come up with their online yoga classes and sessions which consists of Pranayamas, Meditations, Asanas. A person just needs to have a good internet connection to start their yoga classes online with their online yoga personal trainer.



➢ Personal Online yoga classes offer a person to select the time and the day that suits them to practice.

➢ Online classes of yoga enables a person to develop the practice in a comfortable environment whilst having the support of a online yoga personal trainer right there with them.

➢ Yoga from home is a simple and powerful way to stay connected, inspired and committed to a person’s well-being and personal growth even from distance.

➢ Online classes provide flexibility and gives the freedom to schedule the day as per the person’s wish, without having to set aside time and money to get to the class at the studio.

➢ The availability of online yoga classes has made yoga accessible to nearly everyone. As long as a person has a device that can connect to the internet, one is good to go.

➢ Now a days finding the time, space, and motivation to practice is extremely tough thus online classes are great help a person while in a new place and out of their normal routine,

➢ These online classes help a person to stay connected with their own Yoga Teacher for guided session to attain maximum benefits of Yoga practices. Thus, online yoga classes are serving their best for the physical and mental well being of a person as this practice is customized to meet a person’s goals. The yoga guru will work with them to understand what a person is looking for which can range from increase in flexibility to advanced yoga or a deep Meditation.