Meditation Retreat Training Course at Yogadhara

Meditation is a skill to cultivate awareness, compassion and to create healthy sense of perspective in a person. It pivots a person away from distracting thoughts and focus on the present moment. It holds the power to unconditional happiness and peace of mind. To achieve the manifold benefits of meditation, retreats of 5, 10, and 14 days are organized at Yogadhara as an individual and as in groups. These retreats include practices and techniques to encourage and develop concentration and emotional positivity while focussing on stress management.

Meditation provides you a way to purify and quiet your mind and rejuvenate your body and to achieve a life of serenity. This retreat will serve as if you will give a hug to yourself and will get you in touch with that awesome reality in yourself. It will bring you infinite intelligence, make you more alive and sensitive and leads to growth in spiritual life. It makes a person realize that he cannot segregate his spiritual life from the so-called real life as they are one and the same.

Below is the fees for the Retreat. (The fees is Excluding accommodation).

FEES : 5 days 6000 Rs
10 days 12000 Rs
14 days 15000 Rs


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