Kundalini Yoga Training Course at Yogadhara

Kundalini yoga is an authentic system of yoga practices and meditation which promotes health, happiness and spiritual awareness. It opens up the chakras, the energy centers that governs our body and increases spiritual connection. This yoga enables a person to learn concerning the multi – dimensions of a human being and brings spiritual heights.

Yogadhara, Yoga school in Dehradun organise workshops on Kundalini yoga, that is, Yoga of spiritual awareness. The session will be of three hours daily including various Asanas and meditation practices. The aim of this session at one of the most pre-eminent yoga school, Yogadhara, is to build spiritual vitality and increase consciousness among the people through meditation, mantra, physical postures and breathing techniques. So, be a part of this amazing session at Yogadhara which will be a blend of the yogic practice of devotion and chanting, practice of meditation and for the expression of power and energy.

Yogadhara offer this Non-residential kundalini workshop for 5, 10 and 14 days, throughout the Year.

Below is the fees for the Retreat. (The fees is Excluding accommodation).

FEES : 5 days 6000 Rs
10 days 12000 Rs
14 days 15000 Rs
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