Go-Ju-Ryu Karate classes

Our trainer Sandeep Rawat is not only a Yoga teacher but a karate practitioner too who started his martial arts journey in this Go-Ju Ryu style in 1997 under Sensei P.S. Panwar (6th-degree black belt).

One of the oldest Okinawan karate styles is Goju-Ryu. Sensei Chojun Miyagi the founder of this traditional karate style, influenced by Chinese and Japanese traditional martial arts, created it. The name consists of two words: Go, which indicates harsh or hard, and Ju, which implies soft. This explains that balance in required in not only Martial art but to deal effectively with the fluctuations of life.
Goju Ryu is strength and condition – karate practice strengthens the mind, develops serenity, a clearer cognitive process, a deeper understanding of one’s mental powers, and more self-confidence at same time strengthening the entire body, improving coordination, quickening reflexes, and increasing stamina and overall health.


Anyone from 8 years onwards can join the karate class in Dehradun Yogadhara.
At Yogadhara, we offer Karate classes for both kids and for adults.

(Regular karate classes)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Time evening 5:30 – 6:30pm


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Karate & Fitness

The fitness class at Yogadhara is one of the top places in Dehradun to pursue Yoga and Martial arts training. It offers a comprehensive curriculum for traditional Karate classes in Dehradun to help people develop long-term health and fitness, self-defence-martial arts training and prepare for intermediate and advance Martial arts exercise learning in the field in our institute. If you are also searching for a traditional karate class, Yogadhara is the best place for you.

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