Adjustment and Alignment


Adjustment and Alignment

Adjustment and Alignment in yoga involves a gentle movement or correction that completely transforms the posture of a person. It provides a solid understanding of each pose and asanas that is practiced at Yogadhara, one of the best yoga schools in India. Attending adjustment and alignment classes at Yogadhara, the best yoga institute in Dehradun will make a person more fit and improve all yoga postures.

This course aims to refine and refresh the knowledge of advanced practitioners for gaining a better comprehensive understanding of asanas, and their bodies. This course will teach a teacher how to read the students body and mind in the asana and work with them accordingly. In addition, a teacher will learn how to design and build classes and curriculum’s according to the students eligibility.

If a person has been feeling for a long time that the way of yoga which he is doing is failing to touch the current pressure points, then he should attend the adjustment and alignment yoga classes at Yogadhara, that has been affiliated with Yoga Alliance, U.S.A. Attending the alignment and adjustment classes here will leave with a deeper understanding of human body. Sometimes, the adjustments in a yoga class are forceful, making it impossible for the practitioner to understand the reason behind changes done to their postures. Attending a course in this subject that is, alignment and adjustment course a t Yogadhara, the eminent yoga school in Dehradun will give direction in a person’s yoga practice and clear all the doubts about the modifications.

All the adjustments in yoga aim to do the same thing, that is, to create freedom, ease, and a sense of space in a pose. Adjustments should ultimately reveal a sense of expansion, not just a linear action. All these things are taught in this course. This alignment and adjustment course at Yogadhara is mainly designed for new and experienced teachers to increase mastery of yoga adjustments and alignments. In addition to asana practice, learning the art of adjusting postures brings us closer to reaching what the asana is meant to be. Knowledge of asanas adjustments is helpful in improving the personal patience of a person and is a fundamental part of being an exceptional yoga teacher.

Skilled adjustments take place at different levels, including the physical, energetic and mental levels. Our Adjustment and Alignment course at Yogadhara addresses all these levels by covering a variety of techniques, including physical adjustments, verbal clues as well as other methods. We focus on developing an awareness and intelligence that addresses a person’s body in a wide variety of asanas which will improve their teaching and deepen their own practice too.