500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dehradun, India

The 500 hour yoga teacher training at Yogadhara in Dehradun in India is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. The course duration comprises of ten weeks (two and a half months). This course is for those who have already done the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. If one has not done a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Still one may do our 200 hour Yoga TTC and then pursue 300 hour course for 500 hour Yoga certification. Joining 500 hours teacher’s training program at Yogadhara will deepen one’s personal practice, teaching skills and make one full of confidence while one start teaching others. It is a structured Yoga course which provides complete knowledge of yoga and various asana from basic to advanced level. In addition to it, one will get benefit from the innovative approach to philosophy, self-awareness, and personal transformation for which Yogadhara is well known. One will be taught to identify body types and capacity of the individuals to adopt yogic practice at Yogadhara which is one of the best Yoga school in Dehradun. This 500 hours teachers training program at Yogadhara will guide you to a deep intellectual understanding of Yoga its traditions and philosophies and practice as well as deliver an unparalleled experience that can only be achieved by immersed dedicated practice.

500 hours yoga teacher training in Dehradun India will be conducted throughout the years

Upcoming Dates 2019-20

Course Dates Status
500 YTTC 4 March – 20 May 2019 Close
500 YTTC 27 May – 12 Aug. 2019 Close
500 YTTC 12 Aug. – 28 Oct. 2019 Close
500 YTTC 28 Oct. – 14 Jan. 2020 Close


Tuition fee for 500 hour Teacher training is Rs 110000(including Stay).

Note:  shared accommodation and 3 times vegetarian meal 

You need to pay an advance fee of Rs 15000 to book your space for 500 hour Teacher Training course . You can also transfer the amount online. You can submit rest of the fees (in INR) before starting your course at Yogadhara.

For early birds, Pick up facility is free from Jolly grant Airport, Dehradun.

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