Yoga Teacher Training in India


Yoga teacher training in India

Yogadhara, one of the best yoga school in India provides certified yoga teacher training through its 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours teacher training program. It is originally based on the ancient gurukul system of India where the student and the teacher live together and is certified by Yoga Alliance, U.S.A. The course includes the analytical training in the conceptual teaching and practice of the techniques and the experiential practice of the techniques themselves. During this Yoga Teacher Training, Mantras will be taught and chanted and time for personal meditation is available throughout the day. After the Yoga Teacher Training program, one can see and feel an incredible transformation in their body and mind.

If you are an aspirant working towards acquiring a reliable Yoga Teacher Certification, you are in good hands, that is, at Yogadhara which is well known for its 200 hours teacher’s training program as well as 300 and 500 teacher’s training program. The unique Yoga Teacher Training program here will transform you into a dedicated and vibrant teacher who can create an atmosphere of Yoga and learning. It will help you to gain a deep experience of the concept of yoga teaching. As Yoga deals with life and learning, how these concepts can be integrated into real life situations through various methods will also be covered here. Yogadhara, one of the best teacher’s training institute in Dehradun, India also provide certified Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga yoga teacher training and Kundalini yoga teacher training.

If becoming a yoga teacher is your goal, Yogadhara has ideal and best yoga teacher training courses coming up for you as there are no prerequisites. A person can be from anywhere in the world, from any background, male or female, young or old, having some experience of yoga, or no experience at all. This Yoga Teacher Certification program will prepare the participants physically as well as mentally for the integration of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abilities. It also provides various relaxing yoga and meditation retreats throughout its curriculum. So, become a certified yoga teacher and start your teaching career at Yogadhara which is one of the best yoga teacher training Institute at Dehradun. By joining 200 or 500 hours teacher training program from here, one will get a spiritual get – away from all worldly problems. It will help a person to grow internally and redefine their identity. One can even start a yoga venture or an organization globally after completing the course from Yogadhara, the best teachers training Institute in Dehradun, India and be a certified yoga teacher.