What Our Clients Say

Yogadhara gave me an aim in life. I found a new family here. I had the colossal joy of attending the forty five days teacher training workshop which mainly emphasized on Hatha Yoga. It is a delight to contemplate with Sandeep sir & Shilpi ma’am & their insight, energy & love for yoga is always present in their teachings.

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Akriti Kakar

Doing this 200 hour TTC was one of my best decisions so far. In a matter of few weeks I felt my body change. I achieved a new level of strength and fitness. My weak eyesight improved dramatically and the occasional headaches stopped completely.

 On the mental front I felt my concentration and focus improve. My emotions began to balance out automatically and I became a better and upgraded version of myself. I felt transformed from inside out.

The spiritual side of me found a solid, unshakable base. I discovered and experienced such peace as never before. I am for surely thoroughly satisfied and convinced that Yoga is the true cure for all problems.

I am waiting eagerly for my next 300 hour TTC from Yogadhara.

Drishti Baurai

When I saw my cousins faring well as Yoga Teachers I too enrolled myself in this 200 hour TTC. In the beginning I got body ache and my will power was thoroughly tested. However, my teachers at Yogadhara made this journey easy for me.   Within twenty days time I lost considerable weight and saw my belly shrink in size.

As time passed, my once rigid body started opening up. I gained a considerable amount of flexibility. That made me appreciates the physical miracles of yoga.

Moreover, I have always been an ardent follower of Lord Hanuman ( Son of the wind God). During the course of this training I understood the true meaning of ‘Bhakti'(faithor devotion). I realized the true meaning of being religious and how all the religions work for a common goal. I understood that there is only one true religion, the religion of a spiritual being’.

These 200 hours help me grow into a better person.


The best thing about Yogadhara is that they introduce you to the real and pure form of yoga only. Yoga has helped me a lot to remain both, focused and relaxed. I will surely join Yogadhara again in my next holidays. And a very special thanks to Sandeep and Shilpi for guiding me so much.

Drishti Baurai

I found the best teacher of my life, great people with great heart. Good techniques of yoga and meditation. You’ll found Pure Spiritual touch here. I have done my 200 hr Teacher training here and feeling so much blessed that they accepted me as their student.
Thank you so much Sandeep sir and Shilpi mam”.

Sandeep Paliwal

I got to know myself through yoga, I was able to concentrate on the things I wanted to. Being a C.A. Student it is never easy to give priority to your health in your regular routine, But thanks to Shilpi who taught me Yoga and Meditation through which I was able to explore new things within me, even my performance and efficiency in studies/work Increased to a very high extent.

Rajat Bhardwaj

“I had done 200hr yoga teacher training from Yogadhara under the guidance of Sandeep sir and Shilpi Mam. They helped me through out my journey of yoga teacher training. I have come across the best teacher of my life. I feel gratitude towards them.. Thank you so much Sandeep sir and Shilpi Mam for being there always for your students”.


Devendra is a wonderfull yoga teacher I came across,. I had attended one of his yoga workshop which I found was very helpful to enhence my yoga understanding. His method of teaching with lot of care and patience makes him different from others.

Hanh kieu (Veitnam)

I was sandeep and shilpi’s yoga student in Thailand. There teaching not only helped me to improve my yoga practice but also made me a better person. The way they explained and trained us in meditation made it very easy and effective.

Chatchadaporn poolsuk (Thailand)